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DVM Industries is a leading Turnkey Facility and Energy Solutions Company that caters to diverse markets, including Residential, Commercial, Banking, Hospitality, and Healthcare. Our primary focus is delivering exceptional services tailored to our clients' energy efficiency requirements. Our extensive portfolio encompasses installation, service, maintenance, and post-upgrade care services, all of which can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. The ultimate goal is to provide practical solutions that yield substantial savings and tangible benefits for our valued customers. We have developed one platform which has been developed using Zoho Creator.
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What was the challenge?

  • DVM industries wanted to make a platform where they can manage the new orders, customer data and their online business using one platform.
  • They wanted to make a platform where some data will be fetched from the website database or by the vendor side.
  • The client wanted some sort of platform where data can be managed quickly and get a better solution.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has exclusively created a Zoho Application for DVM industries to manage projects and vendor projects.
  • We’ve developed an intuitive dashboard using Zoho analytics which enhances the user experience.
  • We’ve integrated Zoho books and OPS Zoho modules so customers can pay the bills and billing reports can be managed on the same platform.
  • We’ve developed a module that can automate the process of creating a deal in the CRM from OPS by using a popup and binding it in the dropdown.
  • We’ve developed a client module that seamlessly integrates with the actual customer portal and CRM, enabling efficient management and permission assignment for accessing different modules from OPS.
  • Developed a custom module with a dropdown that enables adding accounts and ensures accurate mapping with projects for enhanced reporting.
  • Admin can show their SOW, Purchase order and all the data on a dashboard with weekly reporting.

Tools & Technology:
Zoho – Low Code Development
Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, Zoho CRM & Zoho Workdrives.

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