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Commercial & Legal is enloaded to give a range of Property Law services required by its clients in both a commercial and residential capacity. C&L deals in building partnerships by helping clients reach their next stage of growth on repeat. They help to collaborate with the business partners to provide commercial solutions to business accounting problems. The website is built using Next Js/React for the frontend and WordPress for the CMS Backend.
  • #Mean Stack
  • #React JS
  • html
  • WordPress Development
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What was the challenge?

  • A Landing page is designed to differentiate the three sections.
  • Overhauling the usability of editing content.
  • Significant speed improvements across the website.
  • Overall UI improvements across the website and its components to achieve better consistency and strengthen branding.
  • Migration from the static website to a WordPress CMS platform.

The solution we provided

  • The client wanted the CMS page to be easily editable, so we suggested developing the backend using WordPress.
  • We hosted his current website on AWS and CMS structure on the same server for hostingour approach. We created an account on AWS and created two instances. In one instance, we will host a frontend that is on NextJs. In the second instance, we will be hosting a CMS backend.
  • We have developed a 100% Mobile-optimized website. The landing page will work flawlessly on any device and will never lose a lead because of a page failing to load.
  • The client wanted to display the latest news related to the law and Accounts for which we designed an Articles page on the website.
  • The conveyancing section on the websites displays the conveyancing services with the conveyancer list, which will provide the individual’s details.

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