Car Worldwide

Car Worldwide is a global platform designed for users to buy and sell cars from anywhere around the globe. It offers a convenient inspection service, allowing users to have their chosen cars inspected in their selected region, no matter where they are located. The platform utilizes React native technology to ensure a seamless and enhanced user experience.

About the Client and its industry

Car Worldwide operates as a global platform facilitating car buying and selling across the globe. Recognizing challenges in scalability and user engagement, the company sought to establish a strong global presence. Leveraging React Native technology, the platform ensures a seamless user experience. Car Worldwide also offers convenient inspection services to validate vehicle purchases. With a focus on innovation and addressing evolving customer needs, Car Worldwide aims to lead the automotive industry by providing a comprehensive solution for buyers and sellers worldwide.
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Problem statement

Before we stepped in, Car Worldwide had some major problems in the car market worldwide. They were doing things manually and talking to customers directly, which stagnated its growth. They wanted to be a big deal globally and help lots of different customers. So, they needed a better way to buy and sell cars, with special checks to make sure the cars were okay. Car Worldwide asked us to help them fix these problems and make things easier for everyone buying and selling cars.

What was the challenge?

  • Manual Management of Processes: Car Worldwide faced challenges in managing its operations manually, leading to inefficiencies and increased workload. Manual processes such as inventory management, transaction processing, and user engagement required significant time and effort, hindering scalability and growth.

  • Limited User Engagement: Direct user engagement methods employed by Car Worldwide were unable to effectively connect with a diverse global audience. This limitation in user engagement affected customer satisfaction, retention, and the overall success of the platform in attracting and retaining users.

  • Scalability Constraints: The manual nature of Car Worldwide’s operations posed scalability challenges, making it difficult to expand operations efficiently to meet the demands of a growing user base. This hindered the company’s ability to scale its platform and services to accommodate the increasing volume of transactions and users.

  • Establishing Global Presence: Car Worldwide aimed to establish a strong global presence and cater to a diverse customer base worldwide. However, achieving this goal required overcoming various challenges, including localization, cultural differences, regulatory compliance, and marketing strategies tailored to different regions.

  • Ensuring Vehicle Validation: Providing dedicated inspection services to ensure vehicle validation presented a challenge for Car Worldwide. Implementing effective inspection processes across different regions while maintaining consistency and reliability posed logistical and operational challenges.

The solution we provided

  • We have developed a user-friendly admin interface that makes it simple for the Admin to manage customers, catalogs, payment, shipping, and many other things.

  • Implemented Advanced Keyword Search functionality. This deals with the most popular keywords, search items, top search.

  • User browse the car globally and can purchase or sell the car easily.

  • Request Services functionality provides customers with a separate inspector allocation.

  • Manage Service Tasks provides the facility to enter the requirement of customer for the car.

  • In order to accept online order payments, we have added Stripe.

  • Incorporated Whatsapp chat where visitors can easily and immediately get in touch for support and leaving more users satisfied.

  • Integrated Twilio customer engagement platform as trusted global communication to connect with users.


The significant improvements achieved by Car Worldwide can be attributed to our delivered solutions. The implementation of Request Services facilitated dedicated inspector allocation, leading to a 15% increase in the customer base. The Stripe integration streamlined online transactions, resulting in a remarkable 35% increase in transactions and a 20% boost in turnover within six months. Additionally, our integration of Whatsapp chat and Twilio reduced customer support response time by 40% and increased satisfaction ratings by 20%, enhancing the overall customer experience. These advancements underscore the effectiveness of our solutions in driving growth and positioning Car Worldwide as an industry leader.

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