Arent Power

Arent Power is an innovative web-based platform designed to manage solar panels and assets efficiently while offering services to commercial and residential clients. The platform aims to help users monitor and optimize their solar energy consumption, track the performance of their solar panels, and access comprehensive analytics through an intuitive dashboard. The Arent Power system is built using React Js.
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What was the challenge?

  • Initially, the client was facing problems operating all the operations manually due to lack of coordination.
  • The main focus was to deal with the issue of limited visibility and scale the business with an efficient platform.
  • Therefore the client wanted a seamless platform that can deliver user satisfaction.



  • Theme customization and intuitive end-user experience.
  • Multiple user roles: Super Admin, Web Admin, Clients.
  • Superadmin has the authority to either approve or reject user requests for solar panels.
  • Dashboard for real-time energy data and analytics.
  • Notifications and alerts for important events.
  • Add client features for easy management.
  • Google Map integration for visualizing installations.
  • Import and export data functionality.
  • Filtration options for data analysis.
  • Chat feature for individual and group communication.
  • Transaction details for billing and payments.
  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive layout.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner has designed all the web pages fully responsive and with a device-friendly UI/UX, which gives an eye-catchy and user-friendly experience.
  • We have developed the system for multiple roles where super admin, admin, and users can access the system.
  • We have integrated a notification system to update clients on essential events, maintenance schedules, and critical updates.
  • We have implemented advanced data filtration capabilities, empowering clients to analyze specific data.
  • We have developed an interactive dashboard where users can monitor energy data and view detailed analytics through an intuitive dashboard.
  • We have added the “Add client” feature to add new client details for super-admin.
  • We have developed a data import & export feature where reports can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.
  • Chat feature has been integrated to chat among individuals and groups.
  • We’ve incorporated google maps where users can visualize and locate their solar panel installations effortlessly.

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