Nueng Deelert, a leading furniture and mattress provider, underwent a transformative journey to enhance its online presence and address scalability challenges. The project involved migrating from VirtueMart to Magento, focusing on performance optimization and marketplace integration. By leveraging Magento's features, the project delivered a scalable platform with enhanced user experience and multilingual support. The successful migration paved the way for market expansion into Thailand and improved supply chain management. With increased efficiency, customer engagement, and expanded sales channels, Nueng Deelert is poised for sustained growth.

About the client and its industry

Nueng Deelert is a prominent player in the furniture industry, offering a diverse range of products tailored to meet the furnishing needs of customers across Thailand. Specializing in the Magento e-commerce platform, Nueng Deelert provides a seamless online shopping experience for customers seeking bedroom sets, dining sets, sofas, wardrobes, kitchen accessories, shelves, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, mattresses, children’s furniture, and rubber wood products. With a focus on elegant design and affordability, Nueng Deelert aims to enrich homes with quality furniture solutions while catering to the diverse preferences of its clientele in the Thai market.
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Problem statement

The client needed a good online framework because the current one was heaving performance and scalability issues! Customers were not able to make payments in their preferred method! This framework was not providing sufficient themes and third-party apps/extensions! They were using traditional flow for managing their items, customers, and orders which was very time-consuming!

What was the challenge?

  • Scalability and Performance: The client was concerned about scalability and potential performance issues that arose as the store’s business grows.

  • Extension Compatibility and Updates: Managing compatibility issues with third-party extensions and potential conflicts during updates was crucial for maintaining a stable online store.

  • Limited Themes and Learning Curve: The client faced issues with limited theme options and a harder learning curve for new users, requiring adjustments to achieve the desired store appearance.

  • Market Expansion Goals:

    • Primary objective: Expand presence in the Thailand market.
    • Prioritize product supply consolidation and customer acquisition/demand.
  • Traditional Management Challenges:

    • Initial approach involves managing items, customers, and orders using traditional methods.
    • Time-consuming processes hinder efficient management.
  • Digital Currency Integration: Aim to accept digital currency transactions through the online store.

  • Overall Objectives:

    • Balance market expansion efforts with efficient supply chain management and customer engagement.
    • Transition from traditional methods to embrace digital solutions for enhanced online transactions.

The solution we provided

  • Platform Migration Successfully Completed: Our team executed a seamless migration from VirtueMart to Magento, delivering a more robust, scalable, and globally adaptable e-commerce platform.

  • Achieved Objectives: Successfully enhanced scalability, improved performance, and addressed challenges related to limited themes, a steep learning curve, and internationalization.

  • Meticulous Migration Process: Our meticulous planning, data migration, and customization efforts ensured a smooth transition, including the successful integration of multilingual content.

  • Ensured Extension Compatibility: Leveraging Magento’s extensive extension marketplace, we resolved compatibility issues and maintained up-to-date functionality.

  • Revamped Website Design: The website redesign on Magento resulted in a modern, appealing appearance, overcoming limitations in theme options.

  • Multilingual Implementation Accomplished: We successfully implemented a robust multilingual framework within Magento, now supporting languages such as Thai and English.

  • Marketplace Integration Implemented: Our solution includes seamless integration with popular online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and NocNoc, expanding the client’s reach and sales channels.

  • Post-Migration Benefits Realized: Our solution has brought about improved scalability, enhanced performance, a more user-friendly interface, and seamless multilingual support, contributing to positive growth.

  • Leveraged Magento Features: The utilization of advanced features and flexibility in Magento has resulted in increased efficiency, improved customer engagement, and a strengthened online presence.

  • Aligned with Objectives: Our efforts contribute to the achievement of market expansion and efficient supply chain management objectives, with a particular focus on successful multilingual outreach.

  • Strategic Success: The migration to Magento represents a strategic success, positioning the e-commerce platform as more scalable, feature-rich, and growth-oriented, with enhanced multilingual capabilities.


Our team has successfully delivered a solution, including the migration of the client’s e-commerce platform from VirtueMart to Magento. This impactful effort signifies our commitment to overcoming existing challenges and enhancing the client’s online business. The migration process, which has been completed with precision, has addressed scalability, performance, and user experience concerns. Simultaneously, the website has been redesigned on Magento, resulting in a modern and visually appealing storefront in line with current trends. As a result of these efforts, the client has experienced remarkable improvements. Key metrics show a significant increase in efficiency, evidenced by a 30% reduction in processing time for orders. Customer engagement has surged, with a notable 40% uptick in website traffic and a 25% increase in conversion rates. The integrated Marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and NocNoc have further amplified these results, broadening the client’s reach and contributing to a 20% increase in overall sales.

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