Project Highlight

  • Need to set up the Multilingual option to provide regional products to the local customers
  • Need to provide a smooth User interface
  • Require to integrate Payment gateways to accept online payment
  • Require to include security RECAPTCHA function to solve the lack of security
  • Need to integrate the online Shipping option for rising the coasts.

Solution Provided

  • We have migrated the existing platform VirtueMart to the Magento2 eCommerce platform to improve the performance & scalability.
  • We have integrated bilingual functionality with Thai & English language, to make the eCommerce platform default in the native language Thai so that local customers can also use the platform.
  • In order to make the customer purchasing process easier and to create a visually appealing user experience, we have incorporated a Flyout menu.
  • We have added a feature/popular product function where the customer can check the popular products directly through it.
  • The browsing experience for visitors is improved by using dynamic images on the eCommerce platform. To zoom the image and get a close-up look, we’ve added the Product Zoom feature for this.
  • There is a multi-language function integrated, where the customer can check products regionally such as in Thai & English.
  • There is an integration of the Product Listing Widget which shows suggestions for the products which are regularly bought with the respective product.
  • Since we introduced a Magento2 coupon code extension, clients can use its discount code during checkout to receive a reduction from the final bill.
  • We have integrated PayPal and Paysolution payment gateways for safe & secure payment.
  • We’ve added RECAPTCHA to the contact form for security reasons because it works as a smart risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to prevent automated software from damaging an eCommerce platform.
  • We have incorporated the most recent Google AMP technology to assist web publishers in producing mobile-optimized content that loads instantly on all platforms.


Our Acknowledgements

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