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Next-Level Success: Discover Pimcore 11's Strengths

In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, businesses can no longer overlook managing and delivering outstanding digital experiences. This is where Pimcore emerges, uplifting businesses to take control of their digital assets and create exceptional customer experiences.

In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of Pimcore. An open-source digital experience platform that is getting famous among businesses of all sizes.

What are the Technical Updates & Changes?


The Pimcore 11 has many exciting updates and features that can be applied to both the Community Edition and the Pimcore Enterprise Edition. Pimcore 11 release handles the following sections:

Advancing Code Quality and Structure


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  • Native PHP Types

Pimcore 11 now applies indigenous Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) types to all parameters and return types, leading to a strictly typed Core Framework that improves code quality. Pimcore mainly aims to provide a built-in system for pimcore developers to write code and stave off type errors in the production environment.

  • Distinct Bundles

In Pimcore 11, the components that are not frequently used have been separated into bundles, so it is helpful to prevent complexity for most developers. This results in a slim core, rising flexibility, and efficiency in the overall development procedure. Pimcore 11 removed all the Image optimizer services (e.g. PngCrushOptimizer, JpegoptimOptimizer, etc.) as image optimization is done by the new available package of spatie image optimizer.

  • Test Coverage and Static Analysis

Pimcore 11 added static analysis checks for all bundle packages and advanced test scope. Increasing quality and substantially. These recent upgrades will benefit the developer community concerning future changes and alterations.

  • CSP

Pimcore has initiated a Content Security Policy(CSP) as the default environment for the Backend Interface, which helps prevent specific hacking and attacks, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), DDOS attacks, and data injection attacks. With a content security policy, we improve the platform’s security and minimize the risk of data violation or other malicious and unauthorized activity. Pimcore 11 now removed the lightweight tool admirer as a built-in database management tool.

Updating The Third-Party Dependencies of Pimcore


  • Pimcore 11 is now compatible with the latest PHP version, 8.2, and the minimum PHP version requirement is 8.1. This update allows us to utilize new language features and enhance code quality, security, and performance optimization. By Pimcore 11, it is ensuring PHP security fixes for at least the next three years.
  • Remarkable maintenance work has been carried out to update all third-party dependencies to their newest available versions, allowing them to take advantage of their latest available features, benefit from their long-lasting support and security updates, and provide Pimcore 11 with a strong foundation for the upcoming years.
  • The most required third-party dependencies Symfony has been modernized to the latest 6.2 version. This upgrade allows access to the latest features of Pimcore 11 and security data patches for at least the next four years.

Refactoring to Reduce Technical Debt

Another indispensable part of the Adobe Commerce development services is the Pimcore 11 release is refactoring to keep the code base up-to-date and conceivable for the future, leading to an improved developer overall experience, scaling down the possible maintenance efforts, and ensuring the stability of the core framework.

Focusing on the Ecosystem

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  • All the recent updates from Pimcore 11 have been implemented for all Pimcore extensions to ensure seamless compatibility with Pimcore 11 and that all extensions work harmoniously.
  • Unified all extensions into the POEditor translation workflow: This enables our developer community to translate labels for all extensions in their preferred languages, just as it’s already possible for Pimcore core. Users can now ensure their entire platform is accurately translated, regardless of the language used.

Introducing The Fundamental Refactorings

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  • Pimcore Developed an abstraction layer for what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor and adopted the ultra-modern tiny moxiecode content editor(TinyMCE) as our default implementation. With the abstraction layer, we can seamlessly integrate other WYSIWYG editors through extensions.
  • Pimcore 11 added Gotenberg, a highly versatile portable document format(PDF) generator. Gotenberg generates asset document previews of office documents like Ms-word, Ms-excel, and Ms-powerpoint and creates portable document formats in the web2print module. The best part is its easy integration into the system infrastructure as a microservice (e.g., through a Docker container), which minimizes infrastructure requirements and simplifies overall system complexity. Pimcore 11 added support to run chromium in a Docker container and work via WebSocket for web2print module and page previews.
  • Enhanced the extensibility by supporting the custom document files and all possible asset types. Developers can now effortlessly implement and check their types through the extensions, fully customizing Pimcore to suit their unique requirements and specific needs. This new functionality also allows developers to create extensions that support almost all 3D file formats.
  • Further refined data modelling potentiality of Pimcore data objects by adding new range data types for data objects like number range, quantity value range, and date range.
  • New Pimcore 11 Documentation: The Pimcore releases broad documentation consolidating all its extensions into a single source with a unified search and the latest technology. Now developers can check the deprecated things and new updates via document.

Pimcore 11 is committed to continual innovation and ensuring our Ecosystem remains safe, future-proof and consistently updated with the latest industry standards and best practices. Pimcore encourages people to upgrade to Pimcore 11 and experience their latest release firsthand during development.

Embrace the future of digital transformation with Pimcore 11 and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your business. You can also Hire Magento Developer to handle technical segments and deliver you the best user experience which generates better engagement.


Pimcore 11 is a game-changer in digital experience management and presents a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Pimcore’s great features, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, Yes Pimcore is a worthy investment for any business looking to boost customer experiences and drive business growth.

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