Magento Security Patch SUPEE 9652 – A Complete Overview

Previously We have discussed Magento security update SUPEE 8788. We have shared installation guidance. Now let’s discuss latest security patch SUPEE 9652

Have installed all the basic security measures and still wondering for better security for your e-commerce website developed with Magento? Here comes a new security patch from Magento SUPEE 9652. As Magento is highly used for the development of e-commerce website, Magento Tech Resources have always considered the security of your store as their prime duty. They believe in protecting the server environment and therefore they regularly provide certain updates to overcome security shortfalls and to fix the performance issues. Also, they recommend their users to update all the software on a regular basis to make them more secure.


SUPEE 9652 Secures Which of the Previous Versions?


  • The brand new SUPEE 9652 addresses the Zend library vulnerability, with Common Vulnerability Scoring Security v3 of 9.8 severity.



  • SUPEE 9652 contains security updates majorly for Magento Enterprise Edition launched before & Community Edition before



Why is it Necessary to Secure your E-commerce Website?


  • As we know, that every Magento ecommerce website is the center of attraction for hackers as it contains the payment information of every customer can be found as it is required to complete the purchase of an item. Even if your website does not directly process online card transactions, hackers can make a compromised site in order to reroute their customer to a false page and alter the order before it is transmitted to the payment processor. These false site created by hackers can have various consequences for both customers and merchants. The customer might suffer financial loss and theft whereas merchants have to suffer damage to their reputations, or may lose their merchandise and much other threat of lawsuits.


  • Hence, securing your website while developing has become the necessity of increasing cyber insecurity. Here, SUPEE 9652 plays an important role.


  • As we know, there is no single way to secure your website totally, but still SUPEE 9652 can help you secure many things on your website and make it less attractive target for the hackers.



Let us Have a Look on Certain Functional Fixes by SUPEE 9652


  • SUPEE 9652 has been released to increase useful enhancements along with the new Magento update Magento CE 2.1.4. For higher security, it is recommended to upgrade your Magento.


  • SUPEE 9652 fixes the issue of Magento 1, in which the code can be executed by remotely exploiting Zend Framework 1. It was caused due to the non-default configuration.  



Things to Know While Applying SUPEE 9652

Using SUPEE 9652 is no common task like other security patches. It has certain complexities. Hence, keep these things in mind while applying SUPEE 9652:

  • Create a backup of your store.


  • Upload SUPEE 9652 in the Magento root directory.


  • Run the patch with sufficient rights in SSH terminal.


  • The command should be run with correct filename and extension.


  • Once installed, check patch with the MageReport (It is a community resource which lets clients run tests on their website and gives an instant overview of which patches have not been applied)



Hire Magento developer to update your Magento store with the new security patch, and secure your website as never before!

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