Magento Common Issues And Step by Step Solutions

Magento Common Issues - Step by Step Solutions [Solved] - elsner technologies- magento development

You need a strong team of Magento developers to solve most common issues taking place, and hiring Magento development company will consistently answer your inquiries on Magento itself. We have gathered the most common problems arising in user minds in order to address them. Let us check them out.

  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable Error

In the event that you have 503 message in your program and can’t get to frontend or backend, go to your Magento root installation, discover a maintenance.flag document and erase it. Now and again Magento just won’t leave maintenance mode. In case the problem still persists, erase your sessions as well as cache in an attempt to go one more time.

  • Disabling notifications from Magento Admin

Magento backend warnings can be irritating; however, you can turn them off truly fast. Go to Backend – Configuration – Advanced – Advanced and disable Mage_AdminNotification.

  • Categories not appearing on the Frontend

This is an extremely common question from the individuals who have recently started using Magento and are setting everything up. All categories must be set inside the default classification of categories. To guarantee this is accurately done tap on the default area at Backend – Manage Store, and after that tap Add subcategory. Ensure that Is Anchor & Is Active settings are in an active state.

  • Preventing Magento from logging out too early

Magento has a limited cookie lifetime. It can be extended by going to Backend – Configuration – Web – Session Cookie Management – Cookie Lifetime.

  • Can’t get to the administration page of the modules

Cleaning of the cache is required and then backend logging should be executed. These straightforward activities will give Magento a chance to upgrade authorizations.

  • Shopping cart not working in terms of rules decided on the prices

Here’s a typical slip-up individuals are making when making rules for rebates:

  1. Subsequent to saving the rule, clients complain rather than checking on the ‘if conditions’ that needs to be watched.

  2. The issue that lies here is ‘if total quantity greater than 0’. Essentially, you shouldn’t contrast anything that is nil and hence everything goes invalid. Better utilize ‘If total quantity equals or greater than 1’, which works exactly the same way as in the prior case.

  • Rapid killing or turning off extensions

This strategy works when you introduce an extension, and it turns out you get basic errors. Go to\app\etc\modules, where you’ll see XML records. Now rename its XML document, for instance, you have Cool_extension.xml, rename it to and clear up your cache. If mistakes showed up as a result of this extension, now they should be gone. However, do keep in mind that there are documents beginning with Mage in similar folders; and we don’t suggest turning them off unless you are confident enough since these are Magento system records.

  • One coupon activation for multiple carts

Magento doesn’t permit actuating a number of shopping cart rules through one coupon, yet there’s an approach to change it.

The database request you need to use to do this is as below:


Now open  /app/code/core/Mage/SalesRule/Model/Resource/Coupon.php, find lines 43-46 and comment them out like that:


‘field’ => ‘code’,

‘title’ => Mage::helper(‘salesrule’)->__(‘Coupon with the same code’)

)); */

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