Oversee Paid Requests and Installments Settings From the Google Play Developer Console

Today, we are disentangling and enhancing the trader encounter for engineers who have paid applications, in-application buys, or memberships in light of the criticism we’ve gotten notification from the group.

In the first place, we’re moving request administration from the Google Payments Center to the Google Play Developer Console and including some enhanced elements. Second, installments settings will now be open from the Developer Console notwithstanding proceeding to be accessible on The new elements accompany of App development proper get to control settings so you can make sure clients just have admittance to the instruments they require.




The new order management tab in the Google Play Developer Console

You can play out similar assignments in the Developer Console which you beforehand would have performed in the Google Payments Center. We’ve likewise made a few changes:

Bulk refunds: You can now choose various requests for concurrent discount, rather than issuing them independently.

Subscription cancellations: You can now discount and disavow memberships straightforwardly from the request administration tab (without setting off to a different UI).

Permissions: We’ve added a new user access permission to the Developer Console called “Manage orders”. This permission will allow a user to find orders, issue refunds, and cancel subscriptions. Other features will be read-only for these users and financial reports will be hidden (only users with “View financial reports” can see financial data). Payments settings are restricted to the account owner when accessed from Developer Console.


Order management migration to the Developer Console

Arrange administration is currently accessible in the Developer Console. Beginning January 23, arrange administration will stop being accessible in Payments Center. Client authorizations are not naturally persisted from the Payments Center in this way, as the record proprietor, you should include all clients who require access to discounts and whatever other request administration elements to your Developer Console account with the new ‘Deal with requests’ consent by January 22 for them to have proceeded with get to.


Here are the ways you can add new clients to your Developer Console account:

1. Sign in to Google Payments Center and audit every single existing client.

2. Sign in to your Developer Console and add one or both of the following permissions for all users that need access to Order Management in the Developer Console.
– View financial reports: Gives the right to access and view financial reports.
– Manage orders: Gives the right to view and refund orders but not to view aggregate financial statistics or download sales & payout reports.

3. Let your users know about the new location for order management.

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