Hyvä Vs PWA? Unveiling the Best Choice for Your Magento Store

Hyva vs PWA

Are you looking forward to improving the functionalities of your Magento store by choosing the best theme? If yes, you may be confused between PWA and Hyva themes. Both of these names have gained significant popularity in the frontend environment of the ecommerce store. The front end is known for playing a pivotal role in delivering top-notch user interface and experience to the users. Building a Hyvä or PWA theme for your Magento store provides several benefits and improves the overall brand visibility and sales of your store.

If you are struggling to make a choice between both of these options, then you have arrived at the right spot! In this detailed guide, we will explore the key differences between Hyva and PWA, which will help you select the most suitable option for your unique requirements. So, make sure to read this blog post before you seek Magento 2 development services or opt for the assistance of a professional Magento enterprise developer:

What is PWA?

PWAs, or Progressive Web Applications, are known to be a type of web application that leverages modern web technologies to offer a user experience similar to conventional mobile apps. These are designed to work across different platforms and devices to offer a responsive and consistent experience.

You can hire Magento developer or Magento enterprise developer who is dedicated towards offering the best Magento 2 development services as per your unique business needs.

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä refers to a collection of frontend themes and tools that are exclusively designed for Magento 2, which helps to effectively streamline the complexities of existing Magento themes. Not only that, but it also helps in boosting performance. It allows you to develop an appealing and lightweight Magento frontend that loads swiftly.

If you want to unlock the full potential of Hyva for your Magento 2 store, then choosing custom Magento development services is indeed a good decision. It can typically incorporate both Magento support services and Magento 2 upgrade service.

Hyvä vs PWA: A Detailed Comparison

If you are a Magento store owner, choosing between PWA and Hyva themes can seem confusing for you. In the below section, we will compare both of these in detail, which will help end your confusion. So, let’s dive in:



Hyvä comes with a simple functionality. The core principles of the Hyvä theme are typically centered on minimalism and reducing complexity. Its basic approach and simplicity make it a well-suited option for small local businesses and early-stage ecommerce agencies.

However, it may not be ideal for enterprise-level and medium-sized storefronts that may find the need for extra capabilities and adjustments. So, based on their specific requirements and priorities, it can still be a viable choice for larger businesses.


PWA or Progressive Web Applications comes with a wide range of functionalities which typically incorporate the following:

  • Users can establish engagement with the application in offline mode and browse product catalogs.
  • It comes with add-to-home-screen functionality that allows users to carry out effortless PWA installation and access.
  • Its Push Notifications feature informs users about new offerings, coupons, etc.
  • Users can benefit from automatic updates for the latest features without necessitating manual intervention or app refreshment And a lot more.

Due to these features, PWAs are considered a dynamic and versatile choice to cater to the unique requirements of different businesses.



As a Magento store owner, you should essentially make sure that your website is fast and performing in an optimal fashion. Whenever you choose the Hyvä theme, you will get the advantage of speed. However, it leverages the same backend as Luma, which is the default theme of Magento. Also, it is known for effectively addressing the performance concerns experienced in the case of Luma.

It does this by substituting the needless JS files and heavy libraries with a single JavaScript framework, i.e., Alpine.js. Not only that, but the Hyvä theme also uses the Tailwind CSS framework to minimize the CSS output. All of these enhancements in the Hyvä theme contribute to its exceptional high speed, which offers you SEO benefits.


The inherent nature of Progressive Web Apps promotes rapid and swifter loading even in situations with unstable or slower internet connections. There are many different factors that contribute to the faster performance of a PWA. Let’s discuss some of these in the following section:

  • PWA employs the browser’s cache, so it is possible to prioritize resources that are to be rendered before utilizing those.
  • PWA again facilitates flexible caching of the files typically on the devices of users due to the presence of its programming caching capability. So, it can result in uniquely handling the caching requirements of distinct devices. For example, the lazy loading of the files might be needed later on, especially in the session. Also, during the session, web pages can cache non-static API call responses to reduce the server load time.
  • Service Workers are considered to be JS files, which typically function like a proxy between the servers and browsers. These are again employed by PWAs to boost the user experience and overall performance by offering offline access and carrying out multiple functions.

So, when seen in terms of performance, both PWA and Hyvä stand as interchangeable options capable of rendering web pages within 2 seconds.



Hyvä presently does not provide seamless compatibility with all extensions by default. To deal with this concern, the Hyvä Themes compatibility library is introduced, which will help make the commonly used extensions compatible with your store. Alternatively, you can search for modules that are compatible with Hyvä. Upon purchasing a Hyvä license, users can get access to a number of compatibility extensions that are generally created by the open-source Hyvä Themes community members. For example, you will likely find extensions like Klevu and Klaviyo in this library.

It is suggested to hire Magento developer for proper installation and integration of these extensions. You can even approach a professional Hyva theme development company that can develop and tailor extensions depending on the specific needs of the Hyvä themes library.


On the other hand, you will find the availability of a wide range of extensions and integration options that considerably improve their functionality and flexibility. The PWA-compatible extension market is expanding at a rapid pace, with more development agencies involved in actively releasing PWA-ready extensions. 

Due to this reason, businesses and developers may focus on modifying PWAs so that they effectively meet unique requirements. Also, it helps in creating an efficient and engaging user experience by using a solid ecosystem of extensions.

Business Size


Hyvä generally targets small to medium-sized businesses that are just starting out. If you are an existing ecommerce store seeking faster theme alternatives, then in that case, choosing Hyvä is a good idea as it offers both easiness and speed.

You can decide to apply the Hyvä theme to offer a completely new look to your online store without building the entire website from scratch. It makes Hyvä an outstanding alternative for agencies that necessitate a quick launch and do not have plans to make any considerable adjustments to the website in the future. For more details, you can consider asking a recognized Hyva theme development company.


PWAs are known to be an excellent option for startups and e-commerce businesses that are operating on limited budgets but want to target people using desktop and mobile devices. So, if your business caters to vast mobile audiences and has huge catalogs, it is suggested to go for PWAs.

Another vital thing to note in this aspect is that PWA can even work with low internet speed. Due to this reason, it can be a suitable choice for businesses whose primary target audience resides in rural areas or villages where internet connectivity is relatively poor.

Development Speed


Hyvä provides a wide range of advantages when seen in terms of the development process. In this case, the code structure is simple, effectively lowering the development costs and time. It also becomes relatively easy for the developers to detect concerns, resolve them, and incorporate new features. So, it holds the potential to save about 30 to 50 percent on the average build time. It also effectively reduces the TOC or total cost of ownership for businesses.

Again, in this case, there is the removal of intricate elements such as Knockout, RequireJS, and UI Components, which enhances the developer experience. Due to these fewer dependencies, developers are likely to feel good, which also helps boost development speed. To learn more, you can reach out to a trusted Hyva theme development company or choose to hire expert Magento developer.


In the case of PWAs, you will benefit from reusing their code across multiple platforms. The code is incredibly easy to maintain and update, which effectively reduces the development cycle. Developers can use a single database to create PWAs, which can seamlessly run on multiple browsers and devices. So, it eradicates the necessity for developing separate iOS and Android apps.

Along with that, PWAs is known for boasting real-time updates, which allows users to get access to the most updated features and content without any hassles of app store submissions. This agility in development helps shorten the time-to-market while enabling faster iterations and enhancements depending on user feedback. Thus, it leads to a responsive and more dynamic development procedure.

In a Nutshell

All in all, the selection between Hyva and PWA for your Magento store depends on your specific business requirements, priorities, and growth aspirations. Although both of these options are known for improving the performance of your Magento store, if you prioritize speed and simplicity, then choosing Hyva is a good idea. On the other hand, it is suggested that you go for PWA if your main focus is on user experience. So, in this regard, it is always a good idea to assess your particular business needs and goals to determine which one will best suit your overall strategy and objectives.

For expert assistance, you should consider engaging a reputed Magento enterprise developer who is focused on offering comprehensive Magento development services. It can include Magento 2 upgrade service, Magento support services, etc. With this, you can ensure that you get the best-in-class outcomes.

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