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Customer discount

Owning an eCommerce store and thinking to provide out of the box services to your customers? Want to offer special treatment to every customer? Great Idea! But, not practically possible if you own a huge eCommerce store. So, to make your dream come true with the easiest process, magento experts at Elsner under their magento extension development service, have developed a perfect solution for the eCommerce store owners.

Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension, it can be one of the best solutions used by the online store owners to offer special discounts to their customers. All you need to do is to make your customers to be a member of your store while buying a product from your store.

With this extension, the admin can set up separate discount offers for every customer based on the purchases they make and the loyalty they show to their store. There are times when the common discount rules don’t work for the customers who are buying a lot of things from your store and are your loyal customers. You may need to offer them special extra discounts to make them stay on your store.

This extension by Elsner allows the admin to provide any amount of discount to the specific customers. Heard a lot about this Magento 2 Extension! Want to know about the basic features of this? Here we go!

  • This extension will let the admin provide special discount to every customer.
  • Not only providing, with this extension, admin is allowed to edit and change the discount percentage and the overall offer for every single customer, if required.
  • The admin will be allowed to enable/disable the extension module whenever required.
  • You can show the discount in every conversation created with the customer by your end. Be it the order email or the invoice email or the invoice PDF, your special discount can be shown at all the places.
  • Also, the special discount will be visible to the customers at the time of checkout in the order detail!

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