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BigCommerce vs. Adobe Commerce B2B: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

BigCommerce vs. Adobe Commerce B2B: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

Starting your quest to build the best online store, the two most popular platforms that you will stumble upon are Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce. These platforms have proven their capabilities to the world with their outstanding functionalities and features for you to run your online store seamlessly.

But, the need to choose between Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce development services might put you in a difficult position. It is because both are equally efficient in delivering the best-in-class store experience to your end customers and have ample customization feasibility.

Therefore, you must dive deeper into the comparison factors associated with Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce development services. This way, you will be able to spot the differences between them and finally decide on what would work best for your eCommerce business idea.

And this article is all about helping you with the same! Read along till the end to be enlightened with the different features and efficacies of both Adobe Commerce as well as BigCommerce as your preferred platforms. In the end, you will eventually be able to decide on your ultimate eCommerce development platform. 

What’s the General Overview of Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce?

Before getting along with the differences or comparison factors between BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce, it is important to get an overview of both of these popular platforms. 


BigcommerceSeeking BigCommerce development services allows you to be free from the hassle of buying different hosting plans or seeking help from outsourced professionals for maintenance. The platform itself is hosted, and the company takes responsibility for its maintenance. It is definitely a good pick if you are not that proficient with technology or are in need of added resources for managing your store. 

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce LogoAdobe Commerce is one of the most popular self-hosted eCommerce platforms, which ensures you obtain better control over your online store. The technical aspects of Adobe Commerce are quite complex, for which you will definitely need the help of professionals to help you configure your store and integrate the desired features. 

What are the Comparison Factors for You to Choose Between BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce?

Whether you should choose a BigCommerce or Adobe Commerce company depends on a lot of factors. If you are one among those entrepreneurs who are stuck with these two top platforms as your choice for the eCommerce project, here are some comparison factors that will help you make the final call.

1. Feature Comparison

Firstly, you must take note of the features that you believe are important for your eCommerce business. If you hire Adobe Commerce company professionals, they can help you integrate a lot more features than what BigCommerce development services can offer you.

For instance, with Adobe Commerce, you can get advanced product configuration, merchandising, pricing rules and other such features. Moreover, there are diverse extensions available with Adobe Commerce for you to further scale the features and functionalities of your store. 

On the other hand, you do get a good amount of BigCommerce features and add-ons to help you run a successful online store. But, when compared to Adobe Commerce, the level of customization is limited. Therefore, if you have plans to expand your online business exponentially, it is better to hire an Adobe Commerce company over BigCommerce.

2. Pricing Structure

The second comparison factor is based on the pricing structure of BigCommerce and AdobeCommerce. Choosing one among Adobe Commerce or BigCommerce development services also depends on your budget.

BigCommerce comes with flat pricing, which means you will have to pay a specific price to access all platform features. On the other hand, Adobe Commerce comes with a very modular pricing, where you are asked to pay only for the features that you choose to avail with your access to the platform. 

Adobe Commerce is considerably more expensive than that of BigCommerce, but offers enough flexibility and features to justify the pricing. BigCommerce is comparatively cheaper but comes with just the limited features for you to run your eCommerce business. 

So, if you are looking for a simple and beginner-level online store, hire a BigCommerce developer and configure the platform with limited features. But if you have plans on expanding your store continually with better control and flexibility, it is better to hire an Adobe Commerce company.

3. User Experience

User Experience

When it is about user experience, both Adobe Commerce as well as BigCommerce tend to offer you with utmost excellence. But, there are still certain differences that will help you differentiate between the two,

You can hire a BigCommerce developer  and get your store crafted to attain easy usability. On the other hand, Adobe Commerce company experts tend to use the endless scope of customizations of this platform to enhance the user experience quotient of the store. In the process, they enhance the cybersecurity, checkout process, site navigation and other such features through dedicated extensions. 

Ensuring a good user experience with powerful features loaded onto the store is quite complex with Adobe Commerce and needs professional coding expertise. But as BigCommerce tends to create simple eCommerce stores with limited & responsive features, it already provides a better user experience without the need for much coding effort. 

4. ROI Considerations

ROI Considerations

As far as ROI is concerned, both Adobe Commerce as well as BigCommerce have different factors that should be brought to your attention. As Adobe Commerce is an open-source platform, it allows you to work with low upfront expenses, as there is no need to buy any license.

But, in order to run a seamless eCommerce business, it is advised you must purchase the paid version of Adobe Commerce, and avail the endless features. On the other hand, BigCommerce comes with a simple subscription-based model, where the plans consist of standard and necessary features on demand. 

When you compare the amount invested to the expected returns, it is better to go with Adobe Commerce with high expectations. It is because you get immense scalability and flexibility with this platform. Not only that but running your store on Magento or Adobe Commerce will also give you a chance to deliver a unique user experience. 

BigCommerce, on the other hand, offers a very streamlined solution with limited customization options. But, you get faster development cycles and ease of use with it, which might turn around to help you acquire quicker ROI. 

It means when you hire a BigCommerce developer, it will be easier for you to integrate the pre-built templates and UI features to speed up the overall site-building process. You will definitely be able to launch the store easily with BigCommerce, but expanding your business with customizations might be limited.

Magento or Adobe Commerce might come with complex requirements, but they can adhere to your long-term growth with high-end customization possibilities. Thus, the scope of ROI is always higher with Magento than with BigCommerce. 

5. Setup & Onboarding

Should you hire a BigCommerce developer or a Magento developer? This decision will also depend on the ease of setting up the platform and onboarding you as a client. For you to know, the Adobe Commerce or Magento developers will need to go through an advanced process of setting up your store, which might be quite complicated.

You can’t start your onboarding process on the Magento platform without the help of experts. And that’s because you don’t just have to build an online store on Magento but must also connect it to the host. Therefore, the setup & onboarding process with Adobe Commerce is quite complex. 

BigCommerce, on the other hand, is an ideal platform for small online businesses. Therefore, it has simple and easy steps for the dedicated professionals to set up the store and onboard you. This way, creating and launching the online store using BigCommerce will be easier for you. 

6. Payment Options

Upon seeking BigCommerce development, you are open to avail more than 40 payment options, with big names such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and others. The platform already has pre-negotiated fees with these payment partners for you to save money on every sale you obtain from your store.

On the other hand, Adobe Commerce provides you with the flexibility of setting up your payment process by integrating third-party extensions. There are several extension providers out there for you to choose from and integrate payment gateways, such as PayTrace, Monetico, PayPal, Stripe, etc. 

Both BigCommerce as well as Adobe Commerce have ideal payment options for your end customers to avail best shopping experience. But Magento offers you certain payment integrations that can support international or worldwide transactions in respective currencies. Thus, Magento is a better option if you want to scale your business globally. 

Final Verdict

Both BigCommerce, as well as Adobe Commerce, are quite proficient with outstanding features and functionalities for you to start your online store. But as you need to pick one among the two to get along with your store development process, this article has highlighted important comparison factors for you to make the call.

If you want a simple platform with a faster turnaround time and limited features, it is better to hire a BigCommerce developer. But, if you have an intention to scale your eCommerce business consistently with high-end customizations, Adobe Commerce can be the perfect pick!

Depending on what your business expectations are, go ahead and pick the best eCommerce platform among the two today! 

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