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A comprehensive guide for eCommerce Process Outsourcing


The eCommerce industry has carved a niche for itself by offering unparalleled advantages to the sellers and buyers. The way people browse and shop products and services have changed drastically and the online shopping industry will rule the marketplace for a long time. In addition to that, some technologies such as machine learning augmented reality and IoT has helped the industry to offer amazing shopping experience to the users.

One of the main benefits that the eCommerce offers is convenience. Users don’t need to go to the shopping centers and supermarkets to buy products. They can browse hundreds of similar products from different brands, read reviews, compare features, and place an order and pay online with just a few clicks. Also, they can benefit from various online coupons, discount deals and festival offers.

However, for eCommerce platforms, it is a challenging task to innovate their businesses constantly. They have limited resources and the number of tasks to complete is increasing every day. From product page optimization to marketing to inventory and logistics management to order processing to product returns, they have multiple fronts to deal with and it might make them juggle between too many processes. New entrants with limited resources might find it difficult to manage such multiple operations on their own.

However, if you are facing such issues in your eCommerce business, you don’t need to panic as there is a solution to manage all these operations smoothly and flawlessly. Go for Ecommerce Process Outsourcing.

What is EPO (Ecommerce Process Outsourcing?)

When we heard the word “Outsourcing”, the first thing that comes into our mind is cost-cutting. Most of the times, businesses outsource certain operations and tasks for this very reason. However, what we are forgetting here is the subject matter expertise that comes along with the outsourcing. We are assigning the task to the expert in the domain who will leverage their expertise to offer us the best outcomes.

Ecommerce Process Outsourcing is the finest way to address those pain points which are giving you sleepless nights. Here, the industry’s best eCommerce brains will work on your behalf for your brand to skyrocket sales and revenues and to manage various crucial processes and operations.

Which services are included in EPO?

There is a wide range of services included in eCommerce process outsourcing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Inventory management:

One of the main issues eCommerce players face is inventory management. Businesses need to ensure that the product stocks are available and ordered when they are about to finish. An eCommerce marketing manager assigned to you will ensure that the inventory is managed and recorded perfectly and orders are raised for products which are about to finish.

  • Listing Optimization and Catalog Management:

There are many eCommerce stores which have thousands of products. Can you imagine the plight of listing, optimizing and managing such a huge number of products? In addition to that, creating and managing catalogues is also a tiresome task, especially when you have a limited number of employees. However, your eCommerce store manager will come to your rescue when it comes to managing these tasks effortlessly. From writing product descriptions to right labelling to catalogue quality check to catalogue enrichment, the eCommerce store manager will ensure that it is managed without any flaws.

  • Ecommerce marketing services:

If you are selling your products on the marketplace such as Amazon, you have a cut-throat competition as there are hundreds of brands selling similar products. Just creating product pages would not help you. You need to ensure that you market and promote your brand to rank higher on the search results. The ecommerce marketing manager will assure you good rankings by making and implementing a robust, comprehensive and detailed marketing strategy for your brand.

  • Product Photography:

Professional product photography also plays a crucial role to decide whether a user will buy the product or not. Remember, when a user visits your product page, the first thing he/ she will notice is the product images. If you fail to impress him/ her there, there are very fewer chances that he/ she will stay on the page. EPO service providers have in-house product photographers who will offer superlative product photography services.

  • Customer Support:

Many EPO service providers offer end-to-end customer support for presale or post-sale services. Customers appreciate when their queries and concerns are responded quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to panic about customer service anymore as your EPO service provider will take care of it.

  • Development Support:

EPO service providers also offer an app or website development support for clients to ensure uninterrupted, high-performance functioning of the app or website. They offer end-to-end technical troubleshooting services for issues such as server scaling, mail server issues, product URL issue product image-related issues, slow loading speed and tracking order issues others.

  • Hosting and domain support:

Some EPO service providers also offer hosting support and domain monitoring services too.

  • Digital marketing and SEO services:

Your ecommerce website cannot rank higher on the search engines without a clear, precise and efficient digital marketing strategy. An ideal digital marketing strategy includes email marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, PPC campaigns and social media marketing.

How EPO helps e-commerce businesses :

There are some impeccable advantages of hiring an EPO ecommerce marketing manager. E-commerce Process Outsourcing helps ecommerce businesses to focus more on important aspects such as business development and growth, while the EPO manager will take care of other aspects of the business.

These EPO companies have a dedicated team of expert professionals in the ecommerce domain who will leverage their expertise to offer you the best and efficient services. In addition to that, they also are equipped with all necessary technologies, tools and resources to cater to your business requirements.

Not just designing and implementing various strategies, these EPO companies will also evaluate the strategies and make amends if necessary. You can expect regular reporting on the progress of your business along with the recommendations and suggestions to help skyrocket your sales.

Hiring an EPO merchandise manager will save your time and efforts and give you relief from those headaches and cramping due to various tasks. They are efficient, capable and experienced professionals who will give a paradigm shift to your business by adding value to it.

Wrapping Up

There are chances of small and medium ecommerce businesses to grow and expand if they don’t have to juggle about basic, but important aspects of the business such as inventory and logistics, customer support and others. The reason why ecommerce ventures fail miserably is the lack of resources to cater to various demands the business asks you to perform. An EPO service provider is a saviour for such ecommerce businesses as it will take care of such routine processes and tasks with efficiency and accuracy.

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